BillGrid the Company is a software as a service (SaaS) company behind the leading billing and time management solution system designed for freelancers and small businesses. Our product keeps our clients away from paper napkins, outdated spreadsheets and necessity to hustle for receiving well deserved payments for work completed. We live up to our "easy bill easy go" slogan by making our platform extremely intuitive and user friendly.

Expert Team

BillGrid is founded by a team of software entrepreneurs with experience in many Fortune 100 companies. Our software is thoroughly tested, aggressively maintained and frequently enhanced with new and exciting features.


Jack of All Trades

After scrutinizing every detail at BillGrid - Anton can be found working on improving his tennis game and maybe, occasionally, reading a TechCrunch article.


Creative Genius

Charlotte's creative genius is what's turning our ideas into beautiful screens. Besides spending her time on BillGrid, Charolotte shares her love for badminton and is an avid fan of anime & manga (Japanese comics).


Wizard of Code

With many years of development experience Purav spends his time transforming ideas into features. In his spare time Purav enjoys music and singing with the tunes of open source technology.


User Interface Guru

As a master of widgets and interfaces Kirill's front end development skills is what separates BillGrid from the competition and keeps our customers coming back for more. When not working on BillGrid Kirill is engaged in researching historical heritage of his home land.



Pinak is always following the technology innovation and spends his time coming up with more efficient ways to develop BillGrid's features. Pinak is also infatuated with cars. Though never drifted one, Pinak keeps his hopes to one day perform in a drifting race.